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Our Proprietary Trading Methodology - Weight of the Move™

The Weight of the Move™ (WoTM™) is a proven trading methodology developed strictly by Colin Archuleta, Founder and Principal of Foresight Trading. This methodology stems from many years of experience in the financial markets, analysis and trading various financial instruments. The WoTM™ is NOT made up from any sort of indicators or signals that are regularly seen on many charting platforms.

Our WoTM™ methodology was derived from price action in the market that creates certain patterns and behaviors in the market that validate significant key price levels in ALL markets and ALL financial instruments. The WoTM™ is the most unique and revolutionary trading methodology in the trading world today.

This trading methodology does NOT require any trader to base any of their trading decisions off of indicators, secret formulas or using any other holy-grail trading system. Once a trader knows how to utilize the Weight of The Move™ methodology, they may decide not to use charting indicators to help execute trades ever again. Indicators should be for CONFIRMATION, NOT EXECUTION.

Foresight Trading Academy

Discover for yourself how our investing methodology is built to help you be a successful trader in any market. Our strategically designed classes and training modules have proven to be a very effective learning tool for students and traders. Succeeding in our system is easier than you think.

Live And Online Video Training
  • Live classes teach our students the concepts and strategies of When, Where, Why and How to execute successful trades.
  • 24 hour online access to our training videos and archived live webcasts.
Live Trade Room Access
  • Observe our Trading Professionals 'LIVE', Monday - Friday from 8am to 10am CST.
  • Get live instruction in online webcasts with running market commentary, real-time analysis, news updates and a variety of trading examples.
Weekly Traders Mindset Training
  • Learn to cultivate a ‘growth mindset’
  • Trader Psychology focused on helping students understand and prepare themselves to become successful traders in Live Market Conditions.


Take advantage of our team of professional traders through online group coaching, live trade rooms, multiple live online training events and the ultimate one-on-one personal sessions. The rewards that come from trained professionals and professional traders looking over one’s shoulder, watching them trade and reviewing their trades is a priceless trading resource.

One-On-One Coaching
  • Get personalized guidance on a precise trading methodology, trader’s mindset and trading strategies that can best fit you as a trader.
  • Create an investing master plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Get over the shoulder guidance and direction on your personal trades with personal assistance in reading price action and daily market movement.
Traders Hotline
  • Direct access to our trading professionals when you have questions
Interactive Group Coaching
  • Daily interactive with students, traders & professionals in our morning sessions.
  • Enjoy interactive, grouped based learning.
  • Engage with your peers and our professionals in an open and engaging platform.


Live Trade Simulation & Charts
  • Test strategies on a live simulated market environment.
  • View data you can use for various Foresight Trade setups.
Daily Foresight Trading Tool
  • Skill-based self assessment tool designed to assist in both short-term and long-term trading activities.
  • Robust graphing and graphics that help you properly analyze various trade set-ups.
  • Visually see the progress of your trades and how you’ve been able to capitalize on your continued education with Foresight.


Interact with other students & traders, get to know our professionals and develop your skills as a trader through our trader community.

  • Live Morning & Afternoon Trade Rooms
  • The Foresight Traders Lounge (Evening Session)
  • Ladies of Foresight (Evening Session), Gents of Foresight (Evening Session)
  • Private Facebook Group


There is something to be said about interacting in person. We believe that this type of interaction is necessary to succeed as a trader. These premiere events will further your trading education and trader network.

  • Traders Summit
  • Masters Retreat
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